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Something Beautiful


A participatory project in Blackburn asking questions on the

theme of beauty, Adrian Barber asked the public a series of

questions such as:


"Do we need ugly things for beautiful things to look good ?"


"What is your most beautiful memory ?"


"Do you think our parents teach us what is beautiful (and what isn't) or do we instinctively just know it ?


"If you could send me anywhere in Blackburn to take a photograph of something beautiful where would it be ?"


In response to these answers he'd journey across the town to the next location shooting photos on the way. This inevitably led to more participants, more photos and more answers to the questions. 

The project was funded by the Arts Factory as part of the Arts strand of Celebr8 Woven Cultures programme. Adrian worked alongside a playwright, a poet  and a video projection artist to explore ideas about beauty in everyday life. 


Each week Adrian wrote a blog about the project and members of the public were also encouraged to send in their photos via a Facebook page. 


The resulting material from all the artists were exhibited in a week long exhibition within Blackburn town centre and Adrian also produced a photobook to archive the project, a Flickr page and an online slideshow for people to view and share.



To view the Flickr page: 

To take a look at the photobook:

To watch the slideshow on Youtube:

To read Adrian's blog :


The project on Facebook: 







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