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Light Grafitti - Long Exposure Photography 

Using LEDS, Lights and Lasers this workshop is a hit with groups

of any age or religious background. Participants draw with light

recording their names, shapes, logos or designs (without necessarily

being recorded themselves on the photo - although this is an option).

Printing on the day (additional cost) or use of Facebook/Flickr pages

allow participants to share the results with others.

One day practical photography workshop


One day workshops on how to use your digital camera including

a photo trip out to natural settings, museums and events in your area.

Powerpoint presentations talk through some of the 'do's

and don'ts of photography, we also can offer to explain the basic's of

shutter speeds, depth of field and other technicalities if you desire.
We can provide SLR camera's for you to take out for the day or you

can get tips on how to use your own camera, before heading out

with a few creative challenges for you to achieve. The final part of the

day is group and self analysiof your own photos using our laptops

to see the results in a setting of your choice. 

Weekly Photography Workshops

Our weekly photography workshops begin with our 'One day practical

workshop' before looking into portrait, landscape and studio photography and lighting. We look at social documentary and journalism and the use of online publishing platforms, as well as Flickr and online portfolio platforms. The workshops are tailored to our customers needs, budgets and desires, for instance our 'Walkie Talkie' workshop is run by a qualified TEFL / Photographer using photography

as a vehicle to teach English in an exciting way.

We've also worked with the over fifties on a 'Well Being' project delivering workshops on digital photography, offering days out with participants and their cameras before teaching them the basics of the internet - how to use Google, how to access and send e-mails, and how to upload and download digital photos. Over eight weekly workshops and photography sessions the group were delighted to produce a collaborative calender which they printed using cheap online services.


We've also worked with children with learning difficulties producing CD/Album covers for the music they had produced on creative writing and DJ workshops. 


One day video and digital storytelling

A one day workshop in digital storytelling using our SLR digital photography cameras, our HD broadcast video cameras and handheld
MP3 recorders and laptops this workshop offers a few skills, tips and 'do's and don'ts' that will help you to tell a story using digital technology. A powerpoint presentation will explain some of the challenges with digital storytelling before giving hands on experience with our equipment (or your own) to tell a story in a number of different formats - using Youtube/Vimeo, Flickr or Pininterest, Twitter and Audioboo's/Soundclouds.  



Weekly Video and Digital Storytelling

Building on some of the skills learnt on our one day workshop, these sessions invite participants to learn more professional skills. Inviting groups to script, storyboard, act and record their own dramas, documentaries or music productions. Previous groups have included young people from Genesis who wrote and starred in their own cyberbullying video and participants from Brass (Asylum Seeker and Refugees) who have interviewed each other on cultural stories and places of origin. These videos will be screened as an exhibition within

their centre but also online with Bolton at Home.

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