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Billboard Darkness


 A community arts project in the Hulton and Deane area of Bolton involving creative feedback and artwork from residents, community centres and schools on the issues that arise at night-time. 

This documentary gathers creative feedback from residents who complain that "there is nothing for young people to do" and "that they are scared of going out at night because of the gangs wearing hoodies on street corners." The film interviews both sides of the argument before acting on the information received by staging street corner workshops.


Adrian Barber and Insyt Media delivered MC workshops, light grafitti photography and media activities to the young people hanging around on the local parks and street corners at night. The aim was to capture the young peoples attention with light grafitti photography and capture their opinions with MCing and music. The results were edited into the film  which concludes as a series of MC interviews that looks more like a music video than a standard documentary.  The young people were also signposted to community centres and college courses of similar activites or skills.


The video was a great success, initially with screenings in community centres, but more interesting on Youtube where the film got 700 hits in the first day of it's release. It has since gone on to be viewed almost 4000 times online, which for the scale of the project is a very large number for such a small project.




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