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The Living Mural


'BRASS - The Living Mural Project ' is a community arts project funded by Bolton at Home working with asylum seekers and refugees from BRASS to design, paint and project a 'living mural' within the Victoria Hall. 

Adrian delivered a series of artistic workshops with the participants over the summer. Many of them spoke no English, or limited English and all of them came from a traumatic background. Adrian began his workshops with simple mandalas, which can be found all around the world, teaching the participants how to draw a "the flower of life". This was then expanded into other workshops that included spin art (based on the participants flags of origin), the trumball tank technique, marble ink transfers, photography days out looking at architecture within Bolton. The results from the workshops, the conversations, sketches and google searches from far of places all led to design ideas for the mural.  


All the creative output from the sessions was brought together in a mural design that was comfortable to the many religions and cultural backgrounds of the participants involved. The mural had a conventional day time look but also illuminated into life at night, incorporating all the participants artwork into a moving and living wallpaper. 


Read the blog from this project : 


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Watch the video from the project below or share on Youtube:  

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