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"Our Stories" - a digital storytelling project with Brass

Funded by Bolton at Home, "Our Stories" is a digital storytelling project with participants of Brass - a charity working with asylum seekers and refugees in Bolton :

The asylum seekers, refugees and volunteers talk on camera about cultural stories, traditions and myths from their own countries of origin. These include the mystical appearance of a mermaid called 'Mami Wata' who appears in central and west Africa. Others participants talk about items of symbolism and importance such as the 'Tobak' - a woven reed basket that is prominently displayed in the homes of the Sudanese. Vital from India described the rich culture of India, the various ingredients that go in the spicey tea called 'chai', the journeys on slow moving sleeper trains, the traditional musical instruments in India and the festivals including the Navarata stick dance festival. Amira from Eritrea talks about her drawings and paintings that document her journey from her homeland and capture some her new life settling here in the UK. This on-going project also includes other participants from Pakistan, New Guinea, Nigeria and Iran and is due for completition and screening on March 5th at the home of , before being permanently integrated into an online showcase within the Bolton at Home website.

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